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  • During the Summer of 1991, a loan exhibition of miniature firearms.
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  • It was about 55 years ago that the disease struck me.
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Smith & Wesson First Model, bag grip

Description: Smith & Wesson First model. 



Small frame model with bag style grips. This is a historic firearm that is a close cousin to the Volcanic and Henry and Winchester rifles. The grips are walnut. The front sight and grip ferrule are nickel silver. The barrel is made the same way as the original. It is four pieces of metal ( Barrel, cartridge tube, and two ribs) that are soldered together! This is an excellent example of craftsmanship at it's highest level. In the background is a hingeless leather covered box with the Kucer crest flush inset into the leather. The engraving is done by master engraver Roger Sampson. 1/3 scale miniature.