Sixty years of ...
  • There is something fascinating to children, and to most adults.
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  • During the Summer of 1991, a loan exhibition of miniature firearms.
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    David's Firearms
  • It was about 55 years ago that the disease struck me.
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    Making Minis

Currently available

From time to time we have some previously owned, but gently cared for miniatures available.

Typically we will work a year or more on a project, and only when done do we release them, so it can take a while to see something new.

So we are happy to have something different to offer our patient clients. Please Contact Us! if any of our offerings interest you.


Colt 25, nickle plated, moulded grips, spare clip



Colt 1849 Pocket, cased with accessories, etched cylinder scene, maple box

This is a rare bird. An engraved broomhandle Mauser.
It comes in a walnut and ebony fitted case
The stock and holster are a testament to the versatility of the craftsman.